Gillian Strange (nee Francis) was born in Saskatoon and grew up here and in North Battleford. She went to the University of Saskatchewan and completed a Double Honours English and French literature BA, before moving on to a French immersion Education degree.

Gillian has taught 27 years in multiple educational settings. She has served on disciplinary and curriculum development committees and learning leadership groups. Gillian co-created and co-taught a grade eight experiential, outdoor leadership education program. It was designed to engage students who may have more success in an alternate learning environment. Her experiences teaching in many demographics of Saskatoon has led her to a strong understanding of the diverse needs of families whether it be economic stability, health or education.

Gillian was influenced by a strong, socially-minded, single-parent mother to choose lifework that gives back to society and honours the complex needs, and dreams, of people; she is proud to be raising her son in the same tradition. Gillian is grateful to have the support of her community-minded partner and 19-year-old son.

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