Our Party

Saskatchewan's New Democrats are looking to the future, reaching out to people across the province and listening to your concerns, ideas and dreams as we shape a fresh vision of a fairer, greener, more prosperous Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan New Democrats 2017-18 Provincial Executive:
President: Dave McGrane
Leader: Ryan Meili
Treasurer: Mitchell Anderson
Vice-Presidents (4): Twyla Harris, Faycal Haggui, Gloria Patrick & Tajinder Grewal
Provincial Caucus Rep: Vicki Mowat
Labour Vice-President: Wanda Bartlett
SYND President: Katelynn Kowalchuk
Indigenous New Democrats President: Modeste McKenzie
SNDW President: Joy Crawford
PRIDE Representative: Nicole White
Cultural Diversity: Steve Jimbo
Youth Vice-President: Austin MacNally
Members-at-Large (5): Rylee Schuhmacher, Darin Milo, Aleana Young, Kevin Miller & Michael Karras