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Yens Pedersen is the NDP candidate for the upcoming Regina Northeast By-election. The by-election needs to happen on or before September 12, 2018, though the government has not yet set the date. 

Yens Pedersen is a Regina lawyer, small business owner, and community builder who has represented family-owned businesses, employees, unions, seniors, farmers and families.

Growing up on a small family farm near Cut Knife, Yens learned the value of hard work, individual initiative and helping each other from a young age. He believes in building a healthier, fairer province where everyone can prosper.

He gives generously of his time and abilities by teaching beekeeping classes, offering expertise on non-profit boards,
and serving on the Community Council at his daughters’ school.

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"It is our shared responsibility to create conditions that give everyone the opportunity to succeed. Politics shouldn’t get in the way of building a better, healthier community. I have a track record of asking tough questions, proposing innovative solutions, and holding decision-makers accountable.”
—Yens Pedersen