Broten’s platform cuts waste to invest in priorities

NDP Leader Cam Broten released his platform Thursday. The New Democrat’s plan will cut $178 million in Sask. Party waste in the first year alone and redirect $122 million of those savings directly into the things that really matter to Saskatchewan families.

“This election is about priorities,” said Broten. “While the Sask. Party is focused on making their friends and foreign consultants richer, I’m focused on making life more affordable for everyday families and fixing and investing in the services we should all be able to count on – like schools, hospitals, and seniors care homes.”

Broten has been revealing platform commitments in the lead-up to the election, including a middle-class tax cut; reducing emergency room wait-times from hours to minutes; rebuilding our film industry; and expanding Medicare to include mental health coverage for children and youth. Thursday’s platform release added to those commitments, including:

• Hiring hundreds of teachers and educational assistants;

• Adding staff to seniors care homes; and

• Investing in infrastructure, including schools, hospitals and care homes.

“After nearly a decade of our sunniest economic days, the Sask. Party blew through the Rainy Day Fund, wasting hundreds of millions on their pet projects, corporate consultants and political perks, like their gravy planes,” said Broten.

“They let us down in the good times. We can’t afford them in the tough times.” Despite the deep deficit the Sask. Party has created, Broten’s fully costed and independently verified platform forecasts a balanced budget by the second year.

“New Democrats have cleaned up conservative deficits before, and we’re prepared to do it again,” said Broten. “Saskatchewan people know they can count on us to cut the waste and protect public services, like health care and education. That's how we'll build a stronger, fairer and kinder province.”

Access the full platform here.

Access the fully costed fiscal plan, including a third-party validation, here.

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