Broten will protect Crowns to deliver affordability

Wall refuses to say which Crown corporation he’ll sell off next


NDP Leader Cam Broten said Tuesday that our Crown corporations are an important part of affordability for everyday families – he’s not putting any up for sale, and wants Brad Wall to come clean on his sale plans.

Wall has already sold off the profitable Information Services Corporation, is selling off 40 profitable liquor stores, and tried to sell the moneymaking SaskGaming, until Cam Broten put a stop to it. Wall has also sold off land that was protected under the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act.

“In the last election, Mr. Wall kept all those plans secret – he didn’t tell Saskatchewan people he was going to sell off profitable Crowns and protected land,” said Broten. “But that’s exactly what he did, even in good economic times. Now that he’s looking for money to plug his deficit, what sell-off plan is Mr. Wall hiding?”

Broten demanded that Wall lay out his plans now – before voters go to the polls.

“Everywhere I go, I hear uneasiness about what the Sask. Party will do if given another four years in government,” said Broten. “People are worried about draconian cuts to health care and education, and they’re worried about more costly privatization. They know we can’t trust what Mr. Wall says during an election.”

Broten pointed to the sell-off of Manitoba Telecom Services as an example of how privatization costs everyday families more. Basic home phone service now costs 37 per cent more in Manitoba than in Saskatchewan.

“We, the people of Saskatchewan, own these Crowns and we should benefit from that ownership,” he said. “Selling off Crowns is reckless and will hurt affordability for families.”

Read the details here.

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