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Scrap the PST on Used Vehicles

What do we know?

  • The Sask. Party hiked the PST to 6% and applied it to everything from restaurant meals and children's clothes to insurance premiums;
  • The Sask. Party plans to take nearly $100 million out of consumers’ pockets through PST on used cars;
  • The Sask. Party campaigned on removing PST on used cars, saying the policy didn’t make any sense;
  • Many small and medium-sized businesses have already been hurt by the Sask. Party tax hikes and will be forced to pass these rising costs onto their customers; and
  • Saskatchewan families have been burdened by a decade of Sask. Party utility rate hikes and tax increases and can’t afford another Sask. Party tax.
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Petition to reinstate PST exemptions on used cars

Call on the Sask. Party Government to stop penalizing families and businesses with the costs of their mismanagement and immediately reinstate the PST exemption on used cars. 

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