REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party brags about tax changes while Saskatchewan families pay more

Today, when the Sask. Party sent out a press release to brag about the half-point change in income taxes, they neglected to mention the impact of their billion-dollar PST hike that will force Saskatchewan families and businesses to pay more in taxes on nearly everything they buy, from kids clothes to insurance and even a case of beer. 

A forgiving and optimistic person might say that the Sask. Party simply forgot to include all of the facts when they claimed that a family of 4 earning $100,000 will save $117 this year. After all, would a responsible government mislead Saskatchewan people by intentionally not admitting that the Sask. Party’s tax hike on nearly everything will force that same family to pay about $600 more in PST this year?

Whether it was intentional or not, fuzzy math and half-truths like that go a long way to explaining the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal, and waste that have led to the massive deficits and growing debt the Sask. Party is responsible for. And, of course, the real problem is that the Sask. Party are now making Saskatchewan people pay the price with callous cuts, unfair tax hikes, and desperate sell-offs.

Instead of continuing to hide the facts and only helping their corporate, wealthy, and well-connected friends, the Sask. Party need to come clean and remember who they are supposed to be working for – the people of Saskatchewan. 

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