Reality Check: Sask. Party Candidate Has Some Explaining To Do

Yens Pedersen, the NDP candidate in the Regina Northeast by-election, called on his opponent today to clarify his position on the Trudeau Liberals imposing a carbon tax on Saskatchewan.

Elections Canada records show that Sask. Party candidate Surender (Gary) Grewal has donated over $2,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada over the last two years, with the most recent donation being only months ago. The Federal Liberals announced the creation of a carbon tax in October of 2016.

The Sask. Party campaign in this by-election has focused on the imposition of the federal carbon tax, but their own candidate was financially endorsing the Trudeau Liberal’s plan just months ago.

“Yesterday we found out that Mr. Grewal opposed the cuts to education before he supported them, today we found out that he supported the carbon tax before he opposed it. Sask. Party supporters might legitimately wonder why Mr. Grewal was chosen to represent them.”

Contrary to repeated misrepresentation by Grewal’s campaign, the NDP’s position on the carbon tax is clear: if the Federal Liberals are going to impose a carbon tax on provinces then we need a made-in-Saskatchewan plan that doesn’t penalize Saskatchewan families and industry.

Mr. Grewal’s position, meanwhile, needs clarification.

To see a copy of the Mr. Grewal's donation record click here.