REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party jump the shark on ‘capital flight’, refuse to let the facts get in the way of their argument

Would you take economic advice from someone who lost 40 per cent of his investor’s money in just 6 months?

Likely not.

But Brad Wall and his Sask. Party are happy to take more than advice; they’re banking their “capital flight” argument on one.

Yesterday, Wall was back at, trying to shore up his bogus rhetoric. Taking to Twitter, Wall shared a Business News Network interview with a portfolio manager who talked about what he called the “profound sentiment (of) headwinds” in Canada that has forced him to pull his fund’s capital out of Canadian energy and invest into the US.

But he may not be the best person to be asking for economic advice. In the last six months, his energy fund has lost 40 per cent of investors’ money.

If this is how the Sask. Party are getting their financial advice, it may explain how they’ve managed to double the provincial debt in just five years and why they’ve run deficits in six out of the last 10 budgets.

The Sask. Party knows that the lack of pipeline capacity hurts Saskatchewan’s energy sector, but they’re missing the fact that it’s their refusal to show leadership on climate change and protecting our air and water that is to blame.

They’ve had 10 years to do something – anything – to address climate change. 10 years to do something – anything – get pipelines from Saskatchewan to tidewater approved. But, instead of doing something, they have succeeded at nothing.

Instead of pointing fingers and blaming others for the downturn caused by the price of oil – which they can’t control – the Sask. Party need to look in the mirror, accept responsibility, and get to work focusing on the things they can control: stopping their callous cuts, unfair tax-hikes, and desperate sell-offs and quit forcing Saskatchewan people to pay for their decade-long run of mismanagement scandal and waste.

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