Reality Check: Sask. Party say they’ll support anyone if “their cheque has cleared”

Two weeks ago, we asked the Sask. Party to finally come clean on three simple questions about the growing Sask. Party GTH scandal but, time and time again, they just repeated their promise to come clean and then refuse to follow through.

One of those questions was for the Sask. Party to make good on their promise to come clean on whether or not they had investigated questionable immigration practices connected to the GTH.

At the time, the Sask. Party said, “the GTH always conducts extensive research, meets with the client, checks government records, scans publicly available sources, and verifies the company’s reputation.” They said, “for companies in China, the GTH works with the Saskatchewan trade office in Shanghai to complete the due diligence with local sources, applying the same process.”

They also said, “we welcome the investment Brightenview has made in our province and look forward to their continued investment.”

Well, while serious questions continue to be raised about this whole situation, far from seeming concerned, the Premier told reporters today, “If I'm invited to attend because someone's investing here, their cheque has cleared, they bought land and they're going to create jobs in the province and they invite us to go, of course we're going to go."

Far from doing “due diligence,” the Sask. Party is taking ‘cash-for-access’ to a whole other level.

While it’s clear that the promised jobs were not going to help the 40,000 Saskatchewan people who are looking for work (double the number of people as when the Sask. Party first formed government), there are more questions than answers about what promises were made, to whom, by whom, and what - if any - laws were broken in the process.

 All of this leads to one more question for the Sask. Party:

When will they stop hiding and refusing to come clean and start telling Saskatchewan people the whole truth about this growing Sask. Party GTH scandal?

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