Regina Rochdale chooses Brett Estey to be NDP candidate

New Democrats living in Regina Rochdale in the city’s northwest have selected Brett Estey to be their NDP candidate in the next provincial election.

NDP Leader Cam Broten attended the nomination meeting to welcome Estey to the team.

"Brett grew up in Rochdale, he lives here and he will be a strong voice for the families in the community," said Broten. "With a huge passion for giving young people in the Rochdale area the opportunities they deserve, Brett is going to be a tireless fighter for improving education."

Estey opposes the government’s plan to rent a school instead of building the new school the Rochdale constituency  really needs. The P3 scheme is likely to cost much more, and to take longer to get the needed school built.

"The cost and the delays typically associated with P3s are already piling on," said Estey. "But, the P3 rent-a-school scheme also means students in our neighbourhood aren’t going to have a school purpose-built for them. A school should be a community hub that’s about education – but also about sports teams, daycare, Cub Scouts and family programming. Our kids and Rochdale families deserve that, not the P3 plan to rent a cookie-cutter building from a private company."

Estey added that the government’s plan to have Regina residents pay extra for their school is unacceptable.

"Regina families already pay for education like all Saskatchewan families," he said. "To add on an additional tax just because their school will be a P3 school is changing the rules in the middle of the game, and charging Regina families twice.

"The cost of living for Rochdale families is already outstripping gains working families have made. Asking families here to pay extra, yet again, is unacceptable. Rochdale’s working families should be getting more in this economy – not just paying more."

Estey is an appraiser in the public service, and has previously worked with the Canadian Cancer Society where he was a strong advocate for cancer prevention.

Estey graduated from the University of Regina with a degree in Political Science and History. An alumnus of Winston Knoll Collegiate, he returned to the Rochdale-area high school to volunteer to help coach the football team. Estey is a huge Roughriders fan and season ticket holder.

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