Fight Climate Change

Renew Saskatchewan is a key piece of our plan to reduce emissions and fight climate change, while investing in jobs and people. Will you join in supporting this plan?

What will it do? 

  • Make clean energy a reality by paying upfront for everyday people and communities to generate their own clean energy.
  • Lower costs by shrinking power bills and giving income to everyday people based on the excess clean energy they produce and sell back to the grid.
  • Create good jobs by investing today in tomorrow's clean energy economy.

How would it work? 

  • Renew Saskatchewan would be open to municipalities, reserves, homeowners, agricultural producers, businesses, developers, and industry.
  • After an initial assessment to determine the best opportunity for generating energy or reducing usage, funding would be provided to cover the cost of the clean energy installation or retrofit.
  • That loan would be paid back over time out of the savings on people’s bills, resulting in small savings right away and big savings once the loan is fully repaid.

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Together, let’s make it happen.

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Authorized by the chief official agent for the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party.