Sask. Party continues to block getting answers on their GTH scandal

After again blocking witnesses who know important details about the Sask. Party’s GTH Scandal from testifying at the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, today the Sask. Party shut down the discussion at committee altogether. 

“It’s our job as MLAs on this committee to review the government’s spending. So, to have the Sask. Party members shut down the discussion entirely shows how desperate they are to keep the facts of this scandal hidden from the public,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “The scandal saw $11 million go from the people of Saskatchewan and into the pockets of two Sask. Party supporters. Saskatchewan people deserve to know why they are on the hook for this scandal and the Sask. Party’s mismanagement and waste.”

Sproule said that she has heard many concerns from people from all over the political spectrum about this Sask. Party scandal. With many questions going unanswered during the committee today, the NDP put forward a motion to ensure that all outstanding information is brought to the committee for discussion, but the Sask. Party members shut it down.

The NDP committee members on numerous occasions put forward requests for the Deputy Minister of Economy Laurie Pushor, John Law, the former CEO of the Global Transportation Hub, and Chris Dekker, the former interim CEO of the Global Transportation Hub to appear before the committee as witnesses. Each of these officials were closely involved in the transactions in question. But, each time, those requests were blocked and voted down by the Sask. Party.

“With each passing day, this deal is looking worse and worse for the people of the province, so it’s certainly disappointing to see the Sask. Party fight desperately against transparency and openness,” said Sproule. “We will continue to push for answers and keep working to get to the bottom of the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal.”

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