Scott Moe and the Sask. Party want people to accept that their steady-as-she-goes, status-quo plan is good enough. But the facts are, under the Sask Party:

  • There are fewer support people in our classrooms
  • There are fewer counsellors and school psychologists
  • There are fewer speech language pathologists
  • There are fewer occupational therapists
  • There aren’t enough EA’s  - only 46 out of 400 promised have been delivered by Scott Moe
  • There are fewer English-as-an-Additional-Language teachers – while the number of EAL students continues to grow every year 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s just some of what folks have had to say about Scott Moe’s Education plan:  

"We have huge concerns. These cuts are going to drastically affect students." - Patrick Maze, Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, May 13, 2019, CBC 

"We are already under-resourced, we are already under-funded. Further cuts are only going to make the situation more severe.” - Jessica Brown, Saskatoon elementary school teacher, May 13, 2019, CBC 

"We're at a point now where unless something changes significantly we’re not going to be able to sustain these cuts.” - Ray Morrison, Chair, Saskatoon Public School Board, May 13, 2019, CBC 

“We’ve had another year of significant reductions and, despite our best efforts, this will impact students in the classroom.” - Ray Morrison, Chair, Saskatoon Public School Board

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