Sask. Party must stop forcing SaskPower rate hikes

Even after forcing four rate hikes in last two years, the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste have caused SaskPower to once again look for yet another 5 per cent rate increase

“This is the same old story from the Sask. Party – forcing families, businesses, and producers to pay for rate increase after rate increase after rate increase,” said NDP CIC Critic Carla Beck. “These rate hikes are directly related to their $1.5 billion carbon capture boondoggle and their failed smart meters. The fact is, the Sask. Party is forcing Saskatchewan people to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

While talking to people in her community, NDP Saskatoon Fairview Candidate Vicky Mowat said that she often hears from people about how much harder the Sask. Party has made it to make ends meet. With SaskPower alone, the Sask. Party has raised power rates by about 40 per cent or close to $500 a year more for each family.

“Instead of pushing ahead with their heartless cuts, their unfair rate and tax hikes, and selling off Saskatchewan’s crowns, the Sask. Party should be focused on working for Saskatchewan people and make life more affordable – not less,” Mowat said. “By mismanaging SaskPower the way they have, they’re - hurting families, killing jobs and clearly not working for Saskatchewan people.”

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