Sask. Party's platform shows small thinking

Little was clear in the document the Sask. Party released today except that they're mostly focused on the past, have small thinking about the future, and still do not understand how the Rainy Day Fund works.

"The Sask. Party blew through the Rainy Day Fund in our sunniest economic days and now that it’s raining they claim they will fill it back up," said NDP Leader Cam Broten. "The Rainy Day Fund is an important measure in case of emergency, to protect us in difficult times. It is not a bucket that fills back up during rainy days."

Pushing the boundaries of believability even further, the Sask. Party says they will replenish the fund only after the price of oil leaps back above $75 U.S. per barrel, even though they drained it when oil was well above that price.

The Sask. Party has increasingly shown their priorities lie with cushy entitlements and making their friends and consultants rich. So, while reading this 'commitment' some questions come to mind.

• After draining the fund while oil prices were well over $75 per barrel, how can anyone expect Saskatchewan families to believe the Sask. Party will somehow do better this time?

• If $75 per barrel is what it takes to replenish the fund, why did the Sask. Party drain it during much sunnier days?

"The Sask. Party refused to table a budget before calling the election and they owe the people of Saskatchewan a full and detailed plan. But giving everyday families what they need is not Mr. Wall’s priority anymore," said Broten. "If Mr. Wall won’t trust the people of Saskatchewan with his real plans, you have to wonder why he expects them to trust him with their votes."

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