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Real Action on Climate Change

Tackling climate change is one of the great moral issues of our time and it is our responsibility to act now.

In Saskatchewan alone we produce the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in all of Canada. For years inaction on the climate file has been tolerated and encouraged by the Sask party, who have reduced climate change funding by 83% including the latest 35% cut in the 2014-15 budget.

This government has repeatedly failed to meet emissions standards, growing our carbon footprint with no sign of slowing or decreasing. This failure to tackle climate change, reduce emissions to the province’s own targets, or put in a real plan to protect the natural environment is not only an embarrassment, it's irresponsible.

It's time to enact a real plan and allocate appropriate funding in the provincial budget to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helping families transition to energy efficient homes and encouraging everyone in the province to take real action to protect the environment.

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