REALITY CHECK: Scott Moe’s Finance Minister opens door to property tax increases

For the second day in a row, Scott Moe needs to explain to Saskatchewan people if he agrees with one of his top ministers.

The night after Deputy Premier Gord Wyant opened the door to toll roads in Saskatchewan, his Finance Minister refused to rule out a property tax increase for homeowners in next year’s budget.

Last night at a Regina Chamber of Commerce debate, in response to a question about property tax increases, Donna Harpauer said:

“We have frozen the majority of our years. There will be, from time to time, increases, and I can’t say what the next budget will be.”Donna Harpauer, Oct 21, 2020

It wouldn’t be the first time the Sask. Party has increased taxes to balance their budget.

In 2017, Scott Moe and the Sask. Party increased the PST on ordinary families, adding an additional $700 a year to their bills. 

With 53 percent of Saskatchewan people $200 or less away from being broke by the end of the month, now would be the worst time to make life more expensive for everyone with added property taxes.

“Every chance they get, Scott Moe and his most trusted cabinet ministers open the door to deep cuts to health care and education, and raising taxes on families and businesses,” said Meili. “The Sask. Party can’t be trusted to protect what matters most during a pandemic. It’s time for a change to put people first.”

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