Our parents and grandparents deserve top-notch care.

Vulnerable seniors in care homes should not be left waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 minutes when they ring their call bells and need help.

They shouldn’t be missing meals because care aides are run off their feet and don’t have time to sit down and properly feed them.

They shouldn’t be dying prematurely because of neglect or incidents that could have been avoided with proper staffing levels.

Sadly, all of this is the reality right now for thousands of seniors in care. Front-line seniors care workers tell us they desperately want to deliver better care, but they’re being left without the staffing levels they need to deliver the care they know residents deserve.

Sometimes, there is just one worker for 19 residents.

Seniors care homes put forward urgent requests to the Sask. Party government for staffing and equipment – but Brad Wall said no to $8.5 million of those urgent requests.

Carla Beck’s New Democrats are committed to:

  • Regulated, minimum quality-of-care standards that include proper staffing levels, to ensure all seniors in care homes throughout Saskatchewan receive an appropriate level of care.
  • A residents-in-care bill of rights that seniors can count on.
  • More spaces and more choices for seniors.
  • More support to help seniors stay in their own homes as long as they want.
  • More affordability so seniors can afford to live at home comfortably.
  • A Seniors Advocate, to help seniors and their families deal with concerns before they become a crisis.


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