Small business owner Barb Genert nominated in Cypress Hills

Barb Genert – the owner and operator of Sunny’s Auto Body in Maple Creek – has been chosen by New Democrats in the Cypress Hills constituency to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

“Barb is a spectacular candidate, and I’m so pleased to have her on the team,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended Genert’s nomination meeting. “As a successful small business owner, Barb is already a builder and a leader in her community. But she knows there’s more we can do to deliver a more diverse, more stable economy, and deliver more benefits to everyday families.

“During years of resource boom, the Sask. Party spent every dime, and then some. They’ve racked up provincial debt, and even drained the rainy day fund despite all the sunny years. Now, with our lack of economic diversity hurting revenues, they’re not cutting their own entitlements. They’re not cutting their toxic Lean program or bloated health administration. Instead, they’re cutting our health-care staff and thousands of surgeries. They’re making cuts in our children’s classrooms.

“The Sask. Party took the Cypress Hills region for granted in good times, and is now taking it out on us all in tighter times.”

Genert is a mom at the centre of a large family, which includes her own two daughters, three grandchildren, and her sisters and their children. She and her husband own and operate Sunny’s Auto Body, and she has years of experience working in the health care field.

“It’s shocking that the Sask. Party has put Saskatchewan into deficit,” said Genert. “But what’s really concerning is that they’re continuing their wasteful spending while making painful cuts in hospitals and classrooms.

“My biggest passion and deepest heartbreak is the need to address the declining condition of health care in my community and throughout the province,” she said. “We don’t need Lean consultants, we need more health care nurses on each shift. We don’t need more executives, we need more cleaning staff. I believe in Cam Broten’s plan to cut the Sask. Party’s waste – like Lean – and redirect the funding and staff to the front lines of care where they can do the most good.

“Cutting the waste will be critical in getting the books back in shape – but it will also mean real benefits for families in this region.”

Genert was born in and now lives in Maple Creek. She has also lived in Regina.

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