Statement from NDP Leader Ryan Meili in Regards to the Walsh Acres Nomination

Our party is dedicated to social democratic values. We respect every single person who puts their name forward for nomination. Like every other party, we engage in a vetting process to ensure that the candidates we put forward represent and uphold the principles of our party.

This process includes a confidentiality agreement, whereby that which is disclosed in the vetting process remains confidential. The party, and I personally, take this confidentiality very seriously. This is done in the best interests of all potential candidates.

We have done our utmost to respect this privacy in all cases, and it remains our hope to do so. However, the public assertion that the former candidate in Walsh Acres was removed without being given reasons for that removal is simply false. The former candidate was informed of those reasons verbally on more than one occasion, and has also been provided with those well-founded reasons in writing.

These decisions are not taken lightly, but the reasons for this choice are compelling and I stand firmly behind this decision.

As party leader I have a responsibility to the membership and to the people of Regina Walsh Acres to ensure that the candidates put forward by the Saskatchewan NDP are the best possible choice to represent them.

We will go forward with a nomination process in Walsh Acres. We will select a candidate who will lead the charge in Walsh Acres to win that seat and fight against the Sask. Party’s agenda of austerity, cuts and privatization.

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