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Stop the Gravy Plane

In just the last four years, Saskatchewan families have paid over $400,000 for just one cabinet minister – Bill Boyd – to jet around on the government’s gravy plane.

This is a shameful and unnecessary cost to our province at a time when people are being told to expect cutbacks in services and deep deficits.

In a comparable 2014 study, Alberta's Auditor General found that conservative government spent $4 million over market price per year on their very own gravy planes.[1]

Alberta's election experience shows us that the more people find out about this waste of public funds the more pressure we can put on Sask. Party politicians to stop stalling and end this program now. But to reach enough people we need your help!

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I believe it is time to stop this outrageous waste of our public funds. 

This blatant excess is a symptom of a Sask. Party that is becoming self-entitled.

Instead of putting Sask. Party cabinet ministers first, I think its time to immediately end this wasteful program so we can:

Retrofit one airplane to join the Air Ambulance program, and base it in northern Saskatchewan.[2]

Sell the other planes, which would recuperate $4 million for Saskatchewan taxpayers.[3,4]

Should we stop the gravy plane?