Broten pledges to stop Wall’s education cuts

Surrounded by young children decorating Easter eggs Saturday morning, NDP Leader Cam Broten said he would put a stop to the Sask. Party’s cuts to education.

Since last March, the Sask. Party cut $51.3 million from our province’s classrooms. The Sask. Party’s cuts have already resulted in one school division announcing it will have to lay off 75 teachers and educational assistants.

“As a dad, I want a great education and lots of opportunities for my daughters – and what I want for them, I want for all kids in Saskatchewan,” said Broten. “I can’t tolerate cuts to education, because those cuts hurt our kids and undermine Saskatchewan’s future. We need significant investments in children and young people – not cuts.”

Broten’s plan will hire 300 more teachers and 300 more educational assistants. He will improve funding for schools, double funding for Early Childhood Intervention Programs, and increase support for Early Childhood Development Programs by 50 per cent. Last week, Sask. Party Education Minister Don Morgan said he didn’t want school divisions talking about the Sask. Party's cuts during the election campaign.

“Mr. Wall and the Sask. Party want to keep their cuts hidden until after the election,” said Broten. “That’s why they’re not releasing their budget. It’s why they’re trying to keep their cuts under wraps. And it’s why they’re not telling Saskatchewan people the full extent of what’s on the chopping block next – including all the deep cuts they plan to make to our schools and classrooms.”

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