Awarding lucrative contracts to friends and insiders. Blurring the lines between the business of the province they serve and the business interests of their wealthy donors. Failing to hold their MLAs to account for helping their wealthy friends. That’s the Sask. Party way.

The Sask. Party has an ethical problem, and it’s costing the people of Saskatchewan. Our province has the worst campaign finance and lobbying laws in Canada. All so the Sask. Party can continue to put the needs of their old boys’ club ahead of the needs of the people.

Our top priority is finally making it illegal for people from outside of Saskatchewan to donate to political parties and banning corporate and union donations.

A Saskatchewan NDP government will take quick action to bring trust and ethics back to our political system.


Going forward, we will:

  • Call a public inquiry into the Global Transportation Hub and Regina Bypass scandals.
  • Introduce stronger conflict-of-interest rules for MLAs.
  • Close the lobbyist registry loophole and require all lobbying to be made public.
  • End commercial development in our parks and reverse the Sask. Party’s takeover of Wascana Park.
  • Improve minimum standards for financial information provided to the public.
  • Require the Provincial Auditor to report on the state of public finances before each election.

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