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Stop the Sask. Party Sell-off of our Crown Corporations

We, the undersigned residents of the province of Saskatchewan, wish to bring to your attention the following:

  • That the Sask. Party’s Bill 40 created a new definition for "privatization" that allows the government to sell 49% of the shares of our Crown Corporations like SaskTel without holding a referendum.
  • That in 2015-16 alone Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations returned $297.2 million in dividends to pay for schools, roads, and hospitals. Those dividends should go to the people of Saskatchewan, not private investors;
  • That our Crown Corporations employ thousands of Saskatchewan people across the province;
  • That under the Section 149 of the Income Tax Act of Canada, Crown corporations are exempt from corporate income tax provided not less than 90% of the shares are held by a government or province. The Sask. Party’s change would allow up to 49 percent of a Crown to be sold without being considered privatized;
  • And that this short-sighted legislation risks sending millions of Crown dividends to Ottawa rather than the people of Saskatchewan.
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Petition to Stop the Sask. Party Sell-off of our Crown Corporations

We the undersigned respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan: Call on the Saskatchewan Party Government to immediately stop their plans to sell off our Crown Corporations, and that the government start protecting jobs and our crown corporations, instead of selling them off to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement. 

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