Over the years, the Sask. Party has been determined to undermine our public healthcare system. Their reckless attempts to privatize and defund it piece by piece put all of us at risk. Their lack of a plan on mental health and addictions has endangered entire communities.

Saskatchewan New Democrats are proud of our public healthcare system. It is a bedrock of the success of our province, and a shining example of how we led the way in Canada by valuing the public good over private profit. Healthcare is a commitment we make to each other, to ensure all people have the support and care they need, when they need it. But the Sask. Party is undermining that value by privatizing key services and failing to make the necessary investments for patient care.

The way the Sask. Party has ignored the needs of our seniors is disgraceful. For years, residents, their families and frontline workers have told us that long-term care facilities are brutally understaffed, putting the people who built this province in danger.

Our top priorities in healthcare are to shorten wait times and end short staffing in primary care, long-term care and hospitals.


Going forward, we will:

  • End short staffing in primary care, long-term care and acute care by hiring 100 doctors, 150 registered nurses, 300 licensed practical nurses and 500 continuing care assistants.
  • Make it easier for seniors to stay in their homes longer by building the best home care in Canada.
  • Legislate minimum care standards in long-term care.
  • Provide coverage for insulin pumps for everyone with Type 1 diabetes and cover the cost of continuous glucose monitoring for minors who require that care.
  • Open badly needed dedicated Mental Health Emergency Rooms in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw.
  • Fund an opioid and crystal meth strategy, starting with a $2 million investment.
  • Invest $5 million in a suicide prevention strategy.
  • Increase addiction treatment support by $10 million to enable Saskatchewan Health Authority and community-based organizations to hire more staff.
  • Invest $1.5 million in public health to help ensure we’re better prepared for future outbreaks.
  • Establish a fully independent Seniors’ Advocate.

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