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Suicide Prevention Strategy

  • That The Saskatchewan Strategy for Suicide Prevention Act was introduced in 2018 but has not been passed because it has not received support from the Sask. Party Government,

  • That suicide continues to affect First Nations and Métis families throughout Saskatchewan,

  • That suicide rates for First Nations people in Saskatchewan are 4 times higher than non-First Nations people,

  • That the rate of suicide among First Nations girls is 29 times higher than other girls,

  • That the rate of suicide among First Nations boys is 6 times higher than other boys,

  • That nearly 1,900 people died from suicide in Saskatchewan from 2005 to 2017.

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Petition to support the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations' suicide prevention strategy

We the undersigned, call upon the Sask. Party government to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to address suicide in Saskatchewan.

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