Broten says more money in families’ pockets is a top priority

NDP Leader Cam Broten was in Regina Monday to talk about a top priority for him and his team: affordability for families.

Broten has promised to deliver lower-cost utilities and a modest tax cut for middle-class families.

“After a decade of resource boom, everyday families aren’t feeling the benefits at home,” said Broten. “Making it easier for hard-working people to get ahead is a top priority for me, and I’m starting with practical steps to put a bit more money in people’s pockets.”

Under the Sask. Party, the average family’s annual electricity costs have gone up $308 – a 35 per cent increase. The average auto insurance costs have gone up $222 – a 25 per cent increase. Broten is committed to delivering the lowest-cost utility bundle in all of Canada.

Broten will also raise the basic personal exemption, allowing individuals to earn an additional $500 before being taxed. He’ll fund this by having individuals making more than $175,000 per year pay a little bit more.

“Brad Wall and the Sask. Party haven’t said a word about affordability during this campaign,” said Broten. “In fact, they deny that families are concerned about the cost of living when they claim they’ve already fixed this problem. They’re really not listening. We can’t afford four more years of this.”

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