Time to send American smart meter company packing, says NDP

With the tenth smart meter fire in the province, and SaskPower acknowledging installers need more training, the NDP says the government’s contracting out experiment has failed – it’s time to send the Texas license plates back to Texas.

The government chose to contract out the smart meter project, and allowed the American company it hired to use inexperienced workers with about a week of training instead of qualified electricians. In a move that seemed to acknowledge that the untrained workers are putting themselves, families and homes in danger, a bit of extra training was announced last week.

“The government’s $200 million contract with this American company has been a complete and dangerous failure. It’s time to look for a full refund on the $200 million contract, and send the Texas licence plates back to Texas,” said NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “SaskPower has qualified electrical workers, and they should have been doing this job from the beginning.”

SaskPower confirmed last week the same American company that installed the smart meters will also be swapping them with new meters of an older style after at least 10 fires were sparked by smart meters or their installation.

Reports indicate the tenth reported smart meter fire started in Regina, causing damage to a south end home.

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