Has the government killed the Daycare Subsidy?

For years the SaskParty government failed to update the income thresholds for the daycare subsidy, taking a benefit that once had assisted low income people with their costs of childcare, and essentially "neglected it into" a benefit that few could qualify for. (For instance, at the start of the program, a single income earner might qualify for the maximum benefit, but by 2018 that same single income earner working 40 hours a week at minimum wage, with two children, could be earning "too much" to qualify for even a minimum subsidy.) Now, the website is no longer transparent as to what the sliding scale income guidelines even are... begging the question, has this government killed the daycare subsidy? What has happened? And why is the sliding scale no longer transparent? Part of a functioning government is public scrutiny and also potential applicants to know whether or not they qualify. Where is the transparency here?

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