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End the unfair tax hikes

  • The Sask Party has hiked taxes on Saskatchewan families and businesses by $1 billion per year;

  • At the same time, the Sask. Party has handed over $100 million in tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy and well-connected;

  • The Sask. Party increased the PST to 6% and applied it to everything from groceries and children's clothes to a case of beer and even insurance premiums;

  • Because of the Sask. Party’s PST increase, Saskatchewan has become the only province in the country where people are charged PST on life and health insurance premiums;

  • The Sask. Party’s new tax on crop insurance is a devastating hit on producers;

  • Many small and medium-sized businesses – including those in the restaurant, tourism, and construction industries – will be hit hard by the Sask. Party tax hikes, these businesses will be forced to pass these rising costs onto their customers; and

  • Hurting job-creating businesses, and producers will only cause more damage to the economy and do nothing to help the 40,000 Saskatchewan people looking for work.

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We, the undersigned demand the Sask Party immediately stop their unfair tax hikes on Saskatchewan families and businesses.

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