Wall’s "small thinking" platform keeps the waste

NDP Leader Cam Broten is blasting Brad Wall’s uninspiring platform as one that would let middle-class families down but keep spending wildly on the Sask. Party's waste and misplaced priorities.

Wall plans to keep his endless stream of overpaid consultants; stick with his millions-per-year Lean program; and refuses to sell the government’s gravy planes – a fleet of airplanes for the exclusive use of politicians.

“After almost two decades in the legislature and nearly a decade as premier, it’s clear that Mr. Wall has changed,” said Broten. “He once believed in the promise of Saskatchewan, but now he has incredibly small thinking about our future.

“His platform shows his misplaced priorities – he's choosing his entitlements and waste over the things that matter to everyday families. We can't afford four more years of this.

Broten’s platform cuts $178 million in waste in the first year, and adds $122 million in spending, largely focused on health care, seniors care and education.

Broten has also pledged a middle-class tax cut, lower utility rates, more affordable tuition, and a property tax deferral program for seniors.

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