Wall's secrecy on education cuts troubling

Broten pledges to undo the Sask. Party's damage to schools

Standing in front of Venture Heights Elementary School in Martensville, NDP Leader Cam Broten questioned just how deep Brad Wall plans to cut in our schools and classrooms.

Broten noted that the Sask. Party left their plans for education out of their election platform – leaving parents and teachers worried about the full extent of the cuts they have planned.

His visit to Martensville comes just days after news that 75 teachers and educational assistants will have to be laid off in the Prairie Spirit School Division alone.

“Mr. Wall’s election platform is silent on his plans for education – not a word about what he has planned,” said Broten. “And he’s still refusing to release his budget, so it’s no wonder many parents are getting more and more concerned about the cuts he has in store for our kids’ schools and classrooms.”

In the first nine months of the fiscal year, the Sask. Party cut $51.3 million from education. They also scrapped the mid-year funding adjustment that was designed to help schools deal with enrollment increases at the beginning of the school year.

“The Sask. Party didn’t properly invest in education in good times, so how on earth can we trust them to do it now that times are tight?” Broten asked. “I’ll put a stop to the Sask. Party’s cuts, and I’ll undo the damage they've already done, because all kids in Saskatchewan deserve a great education and loads of opportunities.”

As part of his plan to reinvest in education, Broten will hire 300 more teachers and 300 more educational assistants, improve funding for schools, and boost support for Early Childhood Intervention Programs and Early Childhood Development Programs.

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