Wall’s secret budget, hidden cuts a top concern for families

On the doorsteps, the top issue raised by voters is the Sask. Party’s secret budget and hidden cuts, according to NDP Leader Cam Broten.

“If the Sask. Party's planned budget was good news for everyday families, the Sask. Party would not be keeping it under wraps until after the election,” said Broten, standing in front of the legislative dome, which is literally covered up in a tarp. “So now people all over Saskatchewan are wondering just how deep Mr. Wall’s 'draconian cuts’ will be – to use his finance minister’s own words. And people are wondering what Mr. Wall will privatize next.”

Already, the Sask. Party has made significant cuts to health care. 152 front-line health care positions have been eliminated in Regina, 225 positions are being left vacant in Prince Albert, and hundreds of job cuts are expected in Saskatoon.

In schools, 75 teachers and educational assistants will be laid off in one school division alone, and families have already heard of significant cuts to programs, busing, lunch-hour supervision, and activities.

“It blows people away that Mr. Wall is broke, that he failed to save a penny during boom times, and that he drained the Rainy Day Fund,” said Broten. “And now he wants a mandate from Saskatchewan people, but he won’t tell them what his plans are. All he has revealed are six line items, because he doesn’t want Saskatchewan people to know that he plans to keep his waste and entitlements, while slashing health care and education.”

Throughout the campaign, Broten has frequently made time to join New Democrat candidates for door knocking in their own constituencies throughout the province.

Broten’s fully costed and independently verified platform and fiscal plan, including all infrastructure spending, is available here.

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