Wayne Byers selected as NDP candidate in Lloydminster

Wayne Byers selected as NDP candidate in Lloydminster

Wayne Byers, a 25-year resident of the Lloydminster constituency, has been selected by New Democrats as the NDP candidate for the upcoming by-election.

"I’m thrilled to have a candidate who is dedicated to Lloydminster and area, and so focused on the things that really matter to the families of Lloydminster," said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who spoke at the nomination meeting.

"I’m hearing Lloydminster families are ready to send a message to this government. While Lloydminster is delivering growth and economic strength for the province, too many families are not feeling the benefits. The cost of living is outstripping gains made by many families, and a shortage of seniors care options, crumbling highways and run-down, short-staffed health care buildings show that this government just isn’t giving back to Lloydminster what it deserves.

"For me, politics can’t just be about the province doing well. It also has to be about people doing well."

Byers was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and worked for SaskTel for 30 years. He and his wife Cheryl raise and compete with their miniature horses. Wayne is a past Board member of the Kerrobert Credit Union and served on the Board of Directors at Sask Tel. Wayne is a member and supporter of the Lloydminster Co-op and Credit Union. He and Cheryl have a son and a daughter, and one granddaughter.

Finishing within 66 votes being elected in the constituency in 2003, Byers has long been dedicated to the families of Lloydminster.

"Cam Broten’s message is really important to me and to the families in our community," said Byers. "Our community has been delivering good news for the province, but our highways aren’t getting the attention they need and patients and seniors aren’t getting the care they deserve. For a lot of families, the cost of living is eating up so much of the income, it’s getting harder and harder to get ahead.

"I’m ready to take the fight for Lloydminster’s needs to the Legislature, because for far too long, the government’s MLA just travelled to Lloydminster to deliver the government’s message."

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