“This government is not valuing our future,” said Whitefish. “Our children and grandchildren depend on the investments we make in our education system today.”

Lyle is a principal at the Mistahi Sipiy Elementary School, a member of Big River First Nation, and a Big River resident. A proud husband, father, and grandfather, Whitefish is no stranger to politics, having started work on government-Treaty relations at the provincial and federal levels almost twenty years ago. He served as the fourth vice-chief for the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, where his numerous duties included overseeing education. Lyle has also served on boards and commissions including the Indian Oil and Gas Committee and the Indian Resource Committee.

“Lyle is a leader in every sense,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Whether working with the federal and provincial governments, or as a principal or vice-chief – he has put people first every step of the way.”