Meili looking forward to youth debate, says it’s not too late for Moe to reverse course

NDP Leader Ryan Meili said today he’s looking forward to tonight’s Next Gen Leaders’ Debate, and called on Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe to stop hiding from the future leaders of our province and show up to defend his record.

“Scott Moe keeps saying this election is about trust, but a strong leader would show up when it counts, and Scott Moe has said he won’t show up,” said Meili. “Young people are worried about their future. They’re worried about climate change. They’re worried about finding good jobs as we emerge from this pandemic. They deserve answers from the people seeking to lead this province about the choice we face in this election between a New Democratic government that will invest in people, and four more years of Sask. Party cuts.”

The debate is hosted by the University of Regina Student Union, the University of Saskatchewan Student Union and Future Majority, and takes place tonight, Monday October 19, at 7 pm.

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