Trina Miller is the New Democrat Candidate for Rosthern-Shellbrook.

Trina wears many hats. Her understanding of the needs of a Saskatchewan family stems from being a mother of a blended family of 9 children, including walking the journey of exceptionality and inclusion with her eldest daughter, who has severe developmental delay. While calling Rosthern, SK ‘home’, during the day, Trina works as a Chapter administrator for SK Public Works Assoc. and is an elected School Board Trustee with the Prairie Spirit School Division Board of Education, representing the communities of Duck Lake, Rosthern, and Hague.

Through her work, Trina has come to understand the significance of ministries, public agencies, communities, and families working together for the betterment of all. Whether it be in regards to ensuring SK communities have access to essential public works education, networking, and collaboration, or advocating at both a local and provincial level for a quality inclusive education for ALL students, Trina has worked tirelessly, avidly advocating for our province to be moving in a positive direction.

Trina has also been actively involved with the NDP Agriculture and Rural Life Committee for the last few years, and sits on their Steering Committee. Trina also sits on the NDP Legislative Advisory Committee, and on Inclusion Saskatchewan’s Inclusive Education Committee.

Trina fundamentally believes that if we want change, we must be willing to roll up our sleeves and work for that change! And she has no problem rolling hers up!

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