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Stop the cuts to the STC

We, the undersigned residents of the Province of Saskatchewan, wish to bring to your attention the following:

  • That this Sask. Party budget unilaterally eliminates the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC), an important Crown Corporation that provides a crucial service to people across the province who depend on it for traveling, accessing medical services, and shipping important packages;
  • That the Sask. Party did not inform the Saskatchewan people prior to the 2016 election about their plan to scrap STC;
  • That the closure leaves 224 people out of work and communities across the province isolated from each other;
  • That less than a year ago, the then Minister said STC is a ‘needed service’ and that it was safe from sale;
  • That STC provides a vital service to many seniors, workers, and families throughout the province;
  • That by scrapping STC out of the blue and without asking permission of the owners – the Saskatchewan people –
    the Sask. Party is sending a clear sign about how little they care about protecting our Crowns like SaskTel;
  • That STC helps to drive the economy with its parcel service that serves farms and other businesses;
  • That the Sask. Party is breaking their promise to Saskatchewan people by getting rid of a Crown Corporation; 
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Petition to stop the Sask. Party plan to scrap and sell-off the Saskatchewan Transportation Company

We the undersigned respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan: Call on the Sask. Party Government to immediately stop the plan to scrap and sell-off the Saskatchewan Transportation Company and to resume transportation services to the people of Saskatchewan. 

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