Nic grew up in Lumsden and Regina Beach. He earned a degree in Human Justice focusing on Human Rights through the University of Regina. Nic and his wife Jamie Currently live in Regina Saskatchewan and maintain close ties to their home communities.

Early on Nic saw the value of hard work and the difference that a person could make if they dedicated themselves. Whether it is helping to put up a fence, or helping a young offender onto the straight and narrow, or anything in between, hard work and seeing it through has consistently made a difference.

Whether it is addressing the pandemic, or fighting homelessness, by working together and planning for the long term we can make Saskatchewan a better place for everyone.

For most of Nic’s career, he has dedicated himself to serving the vulnerable and most underprivileged in his community. He has worked in a care home for seniors, in assisted living with adults with disabilities, and in corrections with young offenders. Through his career, Nic has seen the clear need for easily accessible, high-quality supports and services and the value that they bring to our communities.

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