Harmonie King is the NDP candidate for the Meadow Lake constituency.

Harmonie was born and raised in Meadow Lake, she comes from a very caring family that puts "people first".

She is an advocate for mental health services in remote and rural areas. Harmonie is passionate about trauma informed approaches, practices and policies. She frequently promotes music and the arts as a healthy coping mechanism, and a tool for healing.

Harmonie is trained in crisis response, and holds numerous trauma informed certificates.

Harmonie is certified in suicide intervention strategies, Mental Health 1st Aid, Psychological 1st Aid and skills for psychological recovery. Harmonie has a Youth Care Worker Diploma, and a Bachelors of Social Work Degree.

Harmonie has over 10 years of direct work experience working in youth empowerment and development, family supports, and economic opportunities for people with mobility and or cognitive impairments.

Harmonie is a current board member of the non-profit organization: (CAMP) Community Art Mentorship Program. She works for the Meadow Lake Tribal Council as a Clinical Support Worker, providing mental health and wellness services to students.

Harmonie is ready to represent her home constituency of Meadow Lake.

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