Raised on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, Bonnie has lived most of her life in rural communities. With over 30 years of experience volunteering as a member of a small community club, she knows how much more difficult it is to acquire resources for small rural communities. When the village decided to remove the old unsafe playground structures and sell the four playground lots as residential lots, Bonnie led a team to approach council and offer up a compromise. The solution allowed the team to fundraise over four years for a smaller but safety approved structure and, as a bonus, start-up funding was donated by the town from the sale of the other two lots.

Bonnie volunteered as a cub leader for a number of years and as a hockey parent to assist in fundraising and hockey tournaments. She has also volunteered with the Regina Open Door Society in welcoming new immigrants to Saskatchewan.

Bonnie has completed a BSc in Geography and served as the student representative for the Department of Geography. She has worked primarily in government, previously at the Ministry of Environment,
followed by work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Elections Saskatchewan and has been employed for the last four years with Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation in Melville. Her work as a GIS Analyst keeps her current with new technologies and, in 2018, she was a recipient of the Deputy Minister's Award for Value and Innovation.

Bonnie, and her partner Garth, spend their time between Yorkton and his family farm. In her spare time, Bonnie gardens, quilts and manages a small vintage and antique home business. She has 2 children, one who works in Regina and another who is working on completing a degree at UBC.

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