Meara is a lawyer, activist, musician, and new mother with deep roots in Saskatchewan. Throughout her career, she has fought for some of Canada’s most vulnerable. A public defender with Legal Aid, she was recently named one of Canadian Lawyer’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers of 2019 in recognition of her work fighting for Legal Aid funding and representing those who erected teepees at the Justice for Our Stolen Children camp to protest racism against Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan.

Meara is also a strong advocate for the Arts and has a Masters of music from McGill, where she won the National Music Competition. Motivated by a genuine interest to use the law to fight for fairness, she went on to earn a law degree at McGill. Before returning to Saskatchewan, she worked in Toronto on many important constitutional cases.

Meara was born-and-raised in Cathedral where she now resides with her partner Nick and their sons Lew (Llewelyn) and Eamon.

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