Fairview Funspiel

CN Curling Club
1602 Chappell Dr, Saskatoon, SK
This event has already taken place.

  • What: Saskatoon Fairview Funspiel & 10th Anniversary J.S. Woodsworth Brunch
  • When: Saturday March 9th, 2024
  • Where: CN Curling Club
  • Time: 12-5pm Curling with dinner to follow



Curling will begin at 12 pm and run until 5 pm, with breakfast-for-dinner and awards taking
place from 5 pm to 7 pm. Both events will be family friendly, and will take place at the CN
Curling Club, 1602 Chappell Drive in Saskatoon.

J.S. Woodsworth was a pioneer in the Canadian social democratic movement. He laid the
foundation for what would become the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, a democratic
socialist party that later became the NDP. In 2014, Saskatoon Fairview New Democrats held its
first brunch to honour the work and community contributions of J.S. Woodworth, and we have
taken pride in continuing that tradition since.

Times are tough. Moe’s tired and out of touch government continues to make life more
expensive for everyone. Among other things, this has increased our venue and meal costs. But
we are still committed to running an affordable event, ‘notwithstanding’ the government’s poor
decisions! So, we are keeping our prices the same as last year ($35.00), and adding more
flexibility. But that’s not all! In honour of the 10th anniversary of the J.S. Woodsworth Brunch,
we are offering $10.00 off the the price of a supper ticket for the first 10 people to register.
That’s just $25.00 - which is also how much a ticket cost at the very first J.S. Woodsworth
Brunch 10 years ago!

If finances are still a barrier for you to attend, please reach out to Grayson
Beaudin at 306-202-6428 or [email protected] to discuss options.

Also, if you cannot attend, you can choose to donate the price of a ticket (or any amount for that matter) by
selecting the “Sponsorships and Donations” section on the registration form.

Price list:
🥌J.S. Woodsworth Brunch ticket (special 10th anniversary price): $25.00
🥌J.S. Woodsworth Brunch ticket (regular price): $35.00
🥌Funspiel individual* entry: $35.00
🥌Funspiel individual* entry and J.S. Woodsworth Brunch Combo: $50
🥌Funspiel Team Entry (4 curlers and 4 supper tickets): $200

To register for this event, please fill out the registration form: www.shorturl.at/bpzH0

This is a family-friendly curling tournament (kids and youth teams are welcome). No experience
or equipment required! Teams consist of 4 people, and each team will play 2 x 1-hour matches
(up to 4 ends each) with a break in between. Prizes will be awarded to the top team(s), and
additional prizes will be allotted for creativity in team name/spirit, for those who are able to
achieve double takeouts (take out 2 rocks with 1 rock), and during an optional
draw-to-the-button contest of individual curling prowess to take place at 4:30 pm (entries will
cost $5 per rock).

J.S. Woodsworth Brunch:
Following the draw-to-the-button (which spectators can view from the lounge upstairs), we will
kick off the J.S. Woodsworth Brunch. Guests can arrive anytime before 5 pm. The
breakfast-for-supper will feature all of your rink favourites, but if you have any dietary
restrictions be sure to let us know. Carla and Vicki will provide some brief words, dinner will be
served, followed by door prizes, a silent auction, and the funspiel awards. Dress is casual, and
teams are encouraged to show team spirit with matching costumes and accessories - just be
sure to bring a clean indoor pair of shoes for the curling. Featuring the curling skills and
company of Carla Beck, Leader of Saskatchewan’s NDP, it is sure to be a fun day!

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