Broten to hire 300 teachers, 300 EAs

NDP Leader Cam Broten will hire hundreds of teachers and educational assistants (EAs), going a long way to undo the damage done by the Sask. Party, and giving more children the one-on-one attention they deserve.

“Teachers are stretched thin – they're often dealing with more than 30 kids in a classroom, many with additional needs, and coping with deep cuts to the number of EAs compared to the number of students,” said Broten. “That's not fair to educators and it’s certainly not fair to students. Our kids deserve better than this.”

Broten will hire 300 more teachers and 300 more EAs.

He'll also improve funding for school boards, restore the mid-year funding adjustment to fund growth in enrollment that happens after the start of the school year, and work with school boards to develop a plan to cap class sizes, starting with Kindergarten to Grade 2.

“Saskatchewan has the best teachers and incredible students. So during years of resource boom, Mr. Wall and the Sask. Party could have built the best school system in the country – but instead they made cuts in classrooms during boom years,” said Broten. “Now, his election platform has absolutely nothing new for students or teachers. Talk about small thinking.

“The status quo of cuts and underfunding might be good enough for Mr. Wall, but it’s not remotely acceptable to me. I want all Saskatchewan kids to get a great education and have loads of opportunities. That’s how we’ll build a stronger, fairer and kinder Saskatchewan.”

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