NEWS TO MOE: Voters in Saskatoon Eastview can’t trust the Sask. Party

As we know, the previous Sask. Party candidate for Saskatoon Eastview had some eccentric views about the “science” of COVID-19

To be clear, Scott Moe was just fine with Cooper’s call to sell off crown corporations. He was on the ballot after writing about it in the StarPhoenix

    “SaskTel is not an essential service and should be sold” – Daryl Cooper, Nov 23, 2017

Given that yesterday, Scott Moe reconfirmed his faith in his party’s process of selecting candidates, one can only speculate that he is satisfied with including a Justin Trudeau supporter in his roster.

The newly appointed Sask. Party candidate has some very ‘Liberal’ points of view. Here she is door knocking for the federal Liberals in the 2015 campaign. And here she is celebrating Justin Trudeau’s majority government win in 2015. 

She’s also donated thousands to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals as recently as 2018. 

Was Scott Moe aware of this candidate’s strong support for Justin Trudeau? If so – it makes you wonder if Scott Moe’s anti-Trudeau rhetoric is all talk.

Scott Moe is probably fully aware of this glaring contradiction, but we just wanted to make sure he was in the know. 

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