Cultural Diversity Committee

Our province’s official motto—From Many Peoples Strength—is at the heart of what it means to be a New Democrat.  New Democrats have always believed that Saskatchewan is strongest when we are able to draw on the talent, the knowledge and the life experience of everyone living in our province, regardless of their race, religion or cultural background. 

Today, Saskatchewan is changing and our population is becoming more diverse than ever before.  Growing number of people from other parts of Canada and every corner of the globe are choosing to make this province their home.  Saskatchewan New Democrats see our province’s growing diversity as a source of strength and we are committed to ensuring that Saskatchewan is a welcoming place for newcomers and their families.

The Cultural Diversity Committee was formed in June 2012 at our Provincial Convention in Saskatoon.   The purpose of the Committee is to reach out to individuals and organizations within the visible minority and newcomer communities of our province, propose solutions to issues of concern to those communities, and promote the involvement of racially and culturally diverse people in political activity, both within the NDP and throughout the province.

The Cultural Diversity Committee has selected a President and an executive committee, and welcomes the interest and involvement of racially and culturally diverse people from across the province.  If you want to get involved, fill out the form or email [email protected].

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