Indigenous Learning #3- History of the Sixties Scoop

This event has already taken place.

History of the Sixties Scoop takes on a journey of the sixties, government policy and the harms laid upon the Indigenous population.

About this event

This mass removal of Indigenous children from their homes, supported by a series of government policies, became known as the 'Sixties Scoop. Many have a limited understanding of the government policies that drove the "scoop", of the experiences of the children in the system, and of the lasting impact on Canada's Indigenous population. For many Canadians, the "scoop" seems disconnected from the well-know historical narrative and of today's experiences.

Speaker: TBD

This is part of a series. Future zoom presentations are:

  • July 12 – Understanding the Duty to Consult
  • Sept 6 – Missing Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Sept 13 - Treaties
  • Sept 20 - Metis Script
  • Sept 27 - Daniel’s Decision

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