New Democrat women offer a strong alternative to Scott Moe’s Old Boys’ Club

Five of the New Democrats’ twenty-eight women candidates presented measures today to promote and ensure women’s equality in Saskatchewan. This announcement drew a stark contrast with Scott Moe’s Sask. Party, which has been increasingly driven by an old boys’ club. 

“There are 580,883 reasons to elect more women in Saskatchewan and they all live, work and raise their families in our province,” said NDP Candidate for Regina Douglas Park Nicole Sarauer. “Representation matters. There is clear evidence that when there are more women in government, policies are more balanced and more equitable.”

Sarauer announced that New Democrats would introduce two new measures to ensure equality for all women in Saskatchewan:

  • Enacting pay equity legislation to close the gap that leaves women earning $0.85 on average for every dollar men earn.
  • Banning dress codes that make women less safe at work, including mandatory high heel policies.

“The hard-working women of Saskatchewan deserve equal pay, and they have the right to health and safety in their workplace,” said Sarauer. “Scott Moe’s Sask Party, which only has eleven women candidates running, has failed to invite women to the table. We’re not waiting for an invitation. We’re stepping up and standing tall.”

Saskatchewan currently does not have legislation banning sexist dress codes, despite legislation in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Saskatchewan is one of only four provinces that does not have pay equity legislation. 

Aleana Young, the NDP Candidate for Regina University, stressed the need for female legislators who will represent women and their priorities. 

“To best deliver the services that women rely on, we need to elect more women,” said Young. “Scott Moe is happy with the status quo, but getting better balance in the Legislature will mean getting better results for all people of Saskatchewan.” 

Saskatchewan New Democrats are proud to have a team with forty-six per cent female candidates to push for positive change. Sarauer noted that today’s announcement builds on previously announced measures that would benefit women including: 

  • Introducing $25/day childcare and increasing the number of licensed spaces by 50 percent; 
  • Implementing a living wage of $15/hour, recognizing that the majority of minimum wage earners are women; and
  • Restoring the Saskatchewan Transportation Company, sold off by Scott Moe’s Sask. Party, which provides life-saving transportation for rural women escaping domestic violence.


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