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Dwayne Lasas to run for the NDP in Meadow Lake

Dwayne Lasas, Vice Chief of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council, has been chosen by New Democrats in Meadow Lake to represent them in the next election.

Lasas is an addictions counselor and a popular musician who plays throughout western Canada in addition to his role with the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

“Dwayne is going to be a fantastic MLA, and I’m so excited to welcome him to our candidate team,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who was in Meadow Lake Thursday for the nomination.

“Meadow Lake families are just not seeing the Sask. Party act on what really matters. Whether it’s the condition of roads and highways, access to health care, or the cost of utility bills that keep rising and putting pressure on families, the province’s prosperity isn’t being used to make life better. I want to cut the Sask. Party waste – like the ongoing John Black Lean program, bloated health management and too much spending on consultants – because it’s time for a government whose actions match with people’s priorities.”

Nathaniel Cole selected as candidate in Cannington

Federal government employee Nathaniel Cole has been selected by New Democrats in the Cannington constituency to be their candidate in the next provincial election.

Cole was chosen at a nomination meeting in Arcola Wednesday evening.

“I’m happy to welcome Nathaniel to the team because his drive to make life better for middle class families is strong,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten. “The Sask. Party is spending record amounts and driving up debt. With so many highways in terrible shape, hospitals crumbling and understaffing causing a seniors care crisis, I’m hearing more and more people ask where all the money has gone.

Clay Debray chosen as NDP candidate for Batoche

Educator, coach and accomplished athlete Clay Debray will be the NDP candidate in the Batoche constituency in the next provincial election. Debray was chosen at a nomination meeting on Friday evening in Duck Lake.

“I’m proud to have Clay on our team because I know that he will be a strong voice and effective advocate for what matters most to the families in the Batoche constituency,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten.

Jasmine Calix chosen as Martensville-Warman NDP candidate

In a contested nomination in Martensville Thursday evening, Jasmine Calix was chosen as the New Democrat candidate.

"I'm thrilled to have Jasmine on our team because it's clear that she's a strong voice for what matters most to families and young people in this constituency," said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who spoke at the nomination meeting. 

"The people of the Martensville-Warman constituency are increasingly feeling like this government is taking them for granted, and they're not happy about that. Just look at the Sask. Party's cuts to education in this region. The local Sask. Party MLA was part of those decisions. This constituency needs to vote for change and Jasmine Calix will deliver on that."

Mary Ann Harrison is the NDP Last Mountain-Touchwood candidate

Mary Ann Harrison was selected Friday evening to be the Saskatchewan New Democrat’s candidate in the Last Mountain-Touchwood constituency.

“Mary Ann’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and her priorities are clear,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten, who attended the nomination meeting. “The Sask. Party is burning through every last penny of Saskatchewan’s resource wealth, and then some. But it’s wasting far too much money on its own misplaced priorities, so everyday families just aren’t feeling enough of the benefits

“Mary Ann is determined to make sure more Saskatchewan families feel the benefits of the economy instead of just feeling the higher cost of living, and that’s why she’ll make a great MLA for the families of Last Mountain-Touchwood.”

Overwhelming 98 per cent approval vote for Broten

Cam Broten has overwhelming support from New Democrats in Saskatchewan, winning 98 per cent of the ballots on a leadership review vote.

The annual leadership review was conducted as a secret ballot vote, and was held Saturday morning at the NDP convention in Regina. The vote is a requirement of the Saskatchewan NDP constitution.

“The unity behind Cam is awesome, and the mood this weekend is incredible,” said Theresa Sabourin, president of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats. “This convention is really reflective of a growing feeling of excitement about Cam, and about better leadership for Saskatchewan families. Better schools. Better seniors care homes. A government that listens, and understands that the cost of living for everyday families matters.

“It’s clear that’s what Cam’s about, and people are responding to that hope for an even better Saskatchewan.”

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